Youth's Leadership, a non-profit corporation, supports youth organizations and programs that build character, teach service, and purpose community awareness as well as social and environmental responsibility in children.

About Youth's Leadership

Prior to its incorporation in the State of Washington as a wholly separate non-profit entity to function on behalf of Enumclaw’s youth leadership organizations, the all-volunteer Board of Managers that would evolve to form Youth’s Leadership more than twenty years after its inception, functioned as an independent and self-sufficient extension of Enumclaw's Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPWC). The real property first known as the Girls’ Clubhouse and later as the Enumclaw Youth Clubhouse, and rich history of the building in our community, pre-dates that of our own humble origins in the early 1950’s.

The BPWC had already existed many years, but it was the prospect of taking ownership of real property for the purposes of supporting local youth leadership programs — specifically, girls’ clubs of the time including Campfire, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and others — that prompted the women’s club to incorporate as a non-profit in the State of Washington, which was accomplished on January 29, 1952. At that time, the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce, which had heretofore been the only incorporated entity in the community, turned over ownership of the real property, which it had been holding in trust, to BPWC to own, administrate, and maintain entirely under its own auspices for the benefit of youth enrolled in supported leadership programs.

By 1972, it had increasingly become the opinion of the majority of members of the BPWC that the Board of Managers for the real property and the associated support initiative for youth leadership programs should separate itself from the women’s club, to be its own independent and self-reliant organization. Prior to the end of that year, Youth’s Leadership was first incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Washington.

The name Youth’s Leadership acknowledged the reality that the organization had long ceased to provide emphasis (let alone exclusivity) of its support to girls’ clubs. Increasing gender integration within different youth programs — perhaps most notably those of Boy Scouts of America’s Explorers programs, beginning in 1969; as well as that of Camp Fire in 1975, to include both boys and girls — were important considerations in combination with the desire to create a lasting identity that was inclusive of all Enumclaw’s youth enrolled in leadership programs with discrimination towards none.

In June of 1988, the organization was recognized as a tax exempt non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

After nearly sixty years of continuing to not only provide support to youth leadership programs but also managing the real property on behalf of those programs, the corporation made the difficult decision to refocus its resources entirely on the programs and youth the corporation was created to serve by letting go of the nearly 120-year-old building. The building was decommissioned from service in August 2011 and made ready for sale the following year.

Youth’s Leadership continues to rely entirely upon the support of the community through donations made by private individuals, local businesses and organizations that share our values and goals for the youth of our community, and other entities that support our cause. The members of the Board, its officers, directors, executives, appointees and all representatives of the corporation are unpaid volunteers; the corporation employs no one. This means every dollar of your tax deductible donation can be put to maximum use for the benefit of the children of our community actively enrolled in the youth leadership programs we support.

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