Youth's Leadership, a non-profit corporation, supports youth organizations and programs that build character, teach service, and purpose community awareness as well as social and environmental responsibility in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child qualify?
Youth’s Leadership neither “qualifies” nor “disqualifies” children or families: Instead, Youth’s Leadership qualifies and supports programs in which children are enrolled. In this way, every child actively participating in an approved program automatically qualifies for assistance.


How can I find out if Youth’s Leadership supports my child’s program?
You may start by asking the leadership (instructor, program advisor, counselor, or other representative) of your child’s program, or contact us directly. Please provide the name of the program and as much information as possible so we may make a thorough and accurate check of our records in determining if support is already approved.


What if my child’s program is not supported?
Send us the contact information of an authorized representative of the youth organization with whom we can explore the possibilities of program approval and support funds.


How do I request funds?
Start by asking the leadership (instructor, program advisor, counselor, or other representative) of your child’s program. If the youth leadership program is approved and Youth’s Leadership already has an established relationship with the youth organization, in many cases funding has already been provided and added to a pool independently maintained and administrated by the youth organization. You may also contact us directly regarding support to supply the basic programs needs of a specific child or to request Community Service Project Scholarship funds.

In any instance in which funds are requested that have not already been approved and provided directly to the youth organization, Youth’s Leadership may require additional information before making a determination. Youth’s Leadership is under no obligation to provide requested funds in whole or in part and does so only at its own discretion.


Can I request a specific amount?
Yes — It is preferred that you indicate a specific amount and provide some supporting statement(s) of the program need. Youth’s Leadership will notify you if any additional information or documentation is required to make a determination.

Youth’s Leadership may alternatively or additionally elect to provide you information about other support organizations that can assist in supplying your child’s needs for the approved program.


How much money will be received?
The Youth’s Leadership program support funds are provided entirely by the generous donations of others; therefore funding amounts may fluctuate significantly. The amount of support at any time funding is approved is determined in part based upon available funds and the volume of requests Youth’s Leadership is processing. You will receive notification of the amount approved.


Can I receive funds directly?
No — Youth’s Leadership pays funds directly to either the youth organization, or directly to a business or other entity partnered with or contracted by the youth organization for its leadership program or a youth service project.


When will approved funds be received?
If Youth’s Leadership has an existing relationship with the youth organization in which your child is enrolled, funds can usually be supplied within 10 business days of approving the request.


Is Youth’s Leadership a tax exempt non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
Yes — Youth’s Leadership donors may deduct contributions as provided in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts to Youth’s Leadership are deductible for Federal estate and gift tax purposes provided such contributions to Youth’s Leadership meet the applicable provisions of sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Code. (Note: The above statements are excerpted from the letter of determination provided by the IRS. Youth’s Leadership does not provide tax or legal advice. If you have tax or legal questions concerning your donation to Youth’s Leadership, we recommend you contact your own tax expert or other recognized authority.)


Is Youth’s Leadership registered with the Washington State Charities program?
Yes — registration #33521.


Can I receive a statement for tax reporting purposes?
Yes — If you are requesting a statement copy, please be sure to include complete contact and return address information so a statement may be mailed to you. You may send your written request to Youth’s Leadership, Attn.: Statements, POB 544, Enumclaw, WA 98022; or, you may send your request via email.

You can facilitate the process by providing as much information as possible when making your request.


Is there a minimum donation amount?
No — Youth’s Leadership does not require a minimum donation amount nor is there a limit on size or frequency.

Youth’s Leadership uses PayPal™ for the secure electronic processing of donations made online. PayPal™ has its own policies limiting the size of transactions by type, to ensure your security and protection as well as Youth’s Leadership. It may also be true that your financial institution, credit issuer, or other entity with which you are contractually obligated has set limits on the size and/or frequency of individual transactions of certain types.

Youth’s Leadership is not responsible and has no control over limitations imposed by a third party.

For problems with PayPal™ please call toll-free 1-888-221-1161.


Can I designate a donation be used to benefit youth enrolled in a specific program?

If making your donation online using PayPal™, during the Checkout process you will see a Message Box where you can type your desired youth program designees, such as Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and even specify an organization unit (i.e., Troop 422). If you indicate multiple organizations or units, we will assume your donation is to be applied equally. You may also make separate donations to support youth in different programs.

If sending a check or money order donation by mail, you may include a letter designating how your donation is to be applied.


Are there any employment opportunities at Youth’s Leadership?
Youth’s Leadership is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that employs no one, nor does the corporation hire or contract with external individuals or entities for private or commercial services requiring payment as a matter of policy.

If you are a resident of Enumclaw, Washington or a neighboring community and are interested in a volunteer opportunity with Youth’s Leadership, please send us your contact information, a cover letter describing your interest and any previous experience you may possess as a volunteer worker for another organization, and a list of local references, to be considered for a role with Youth’s Leadership.

Youth's Leadership
P.O. Box 544
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Still have questions about Youth's Leadership, the web site, or need additional assistance? Contact us directly. Please include as much information as possible so we may provide the most useful and helpful response to your inquiry. Thank you.