Youth's Leadership, a non-profit corporation, supports youth organizations and programs that build character, teach service, and purpose community awareness as well as social and environmental responsibility in children.

Leadership is Learned

Leadership is learned, because it is taught.

Through partnership with local volunteers, and by virtue of need, organizations with qualifying leadership development programs and interested youth can receive support from Youth’s Leadership. Many of the programs in Enumclaw supported by Youth’s Leadership are nationally known. We feature a few of the most popular programs in our community that Youth's Leadership supports, on this page.

Are you curious about support for your child’s program? Ask your program advisor, counselor, leader or other representative or contact Youth’s Leadership directly.

Did You Know?

Research funded 
									by the Templeton Foundation, conducted by Baylor University

Among the findings of the Eagle Scouts, Merit Beyond the Badges independent research, funded by the Templeton Foundation and conducted by Baylor University, Eagle Scouts are more likely than men who have never been in Scouting to:

  • Have higher levels of planning and preparation skills, be goal-oriented, and network with others
  • Be in a leadership position at their place of employment or local community
  • Report having closer relationships with family and friends
  • Volunteer for religious and non-religious orgnizations
  • Donate money to charitable groups
  • Work with others to improve their neighborhoods

Download the complete study

Did you know schools including college boards of admission, the United States military, employees unions, and public and private business employers, give preference and higher compensation to applicants with a proven record of leadership service?

  • Universities will accept an Eagle Scout applicant over a non-Scout applicant with equal academic proficiency
  • Enlistees in the United States military who are Eagle Scouts will start at one grade higher non-commission rank and pay than other enlistees
  • Employee unions actively seek members who know how to organize, plan for success, involve others, and achieve goals
  • Knowledgeable business leaders discern between Eagle Scout and non-Scout applicants when making the hiring decision

Why? Because a track record of involvement, planning, organization, service, responsibility and success — leadership — is already present. Through the youth organization experience, the young adult has earned an expectation of excellence and a preferred status. The young person has already demonstrated and proven they may be counted upon to know and follow the rules, set ambitious but attainable goals and work hard to achieve them, consider their fellows and work for the good of the team and the organization, and lead by example in all they do.



Did You Know?

The Camp Fire experience enriches and strengthens the character of youth

"Camp Fire's promise is to provide youth with opportunities to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are."
— Executive Director Rick Taylor, Camp Fire Central Puget Sound Council



Did You Know?

In 4-H, young people and adults work together to grow, develop, and make the best better. Youth learn by doing: through projects, group meetings, and community service.

4-H teaches life skills to help young people become self-directing, positive, contributing members of society. These life skills include positive self-esteem, effective communication, a sense of responsibility to oneself and one's community, sound decision-making, and a strong sense of belonging, giving young people the necessary tools for successful adulthood.

4-H programs empower youth, and participating adults, to engage in leadership, citizenship, and life-skill development and application.

Community service and learning emphases provide participants with a strong sense of accomplishment, and the development of civic dispositions that lead them to stay involved. More than 80% of participating youth consistently report significant gains in important life-skills, including:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Organization

4-H programs develop capable, caring, contributing citizens through research-based, guided adventure exploration and learning. 4-H programs aim to imbue, nurture, and develop important social and emotional skills: for future success: leadership, cooperation, respect, trust, self-confidence, conflict resolution, and problem solving.



You can be an instrumental part of these and other Youth's Leadership supported programs, with your contribution to Youth's Leadership for the benefit of all participating Enumclaw children. The youth leadership programs of our community need your continued support to ensure they remain vibrant and robust.

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Are you curious about support for your child’s program? Ask your program advisor, counselor, leader or other representative or contact Youth’s Leadership directly.

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